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Whether you want to lose or gain, track your progress in line with your goals.

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3dYu is the most accurate body mapping device.

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3dYu will take and record your measurements, with 3mm accuracy

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By overlaying multiple scans, you can see how your body changes over time.

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Coloured 3D model, accurate body analysis and measurements… available on your screen in just a few hours!

See Yourself From The Outside –
The Evolution Of Statistics

There are numerous systems designed to tell you exactly what is happening on the inside of your body but very few show exactly what is happening on the outside! All that work in the gym and no way to visualise your progress. 3dYu fills in this missing information and lets you see and track yourself as never before!

How does it work
Fast, Simple & Easy to Use!

Seeing yourself in 3D has never been easier and our specially designed booths make the whole experience as simple as getting a passport photo taken. Your data is then automatically sent to our ultra-secure server where your 3D model is generated and vital measurements are extracted within a matter of hours.

100+ camera system

5 second scan

3mm accurate measurement

Body analysis

Data comparison

Multiple scans comparison

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Beyond Health, Fitness & Wellness

We are the most accurate 3D body mapping scanning device on the market. R&D commitment for product evolution.

Cosmetic surgery, obesity, prosthesis production, mole mapping and more

Posture analysis, bespoke clothing and equipment analysis

Tailored clothing and virtual fitting room

Digital player avatar

3D photo booth, 3D figurines